Outreach and Education

Tyndall Lectures

IOPThe Tyndall Lectures, held throughout Ireland every January/February, use demonstrations and interactivity to enthuse school children and show how their class work relates to modern areas of physics research. Click here for more information.

Science Communication

FamelabScience communication is an essential part of outreach. Science doesn’t do very much unless the science itself can be communicated to the outer world! FameLab and Brightclub are two events, in which student from UCC Physics engage with, which encourage good science communication and entertainment aswell! See our post on FameLab Cork 2019


Outreach Programmes

Other outreach programmes the UCC Physics Department is involved with to promote overall awareness and education of physics among the media, general public and school students are as follows:

SFI – Outreach and Education

SFIScience Foundation Ireland has a number of education and outreach programmes such as the STARs programme which endeavours to disseminate new skills and knowledge to teachers which can be passed on to their students – the scientists and engineers of the future. Click here to visit the SFI Outreach page.


A day in the life – IOP Ireland

IOPThe Institute of Physic’s “A day in the life” depicts the day-to-day activities of 18 physicists persuing careers in areas such as astronomy, particle physics and nanotechnology. Read about a day in the life of Síle Nic Chormaic – when she was a lecturer here in the Department of Physics at UCC.


The Crawford Observatory

crawfordThe Crawford Observatory remains the only observatory on any university campus in Ireland. It was re-opened in 2006 by the Minister for Education and Science. Constructed in 1878 and funded in part by local businessman William Horatio Crawford and the Duke of Devonshire, the observatory was designed by Howard Grubb, one of the foremost scientific instrument makers of the 19th century.